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Terms & Conditions

Description of Services In The Brochure/ On The Website

We print the brochures several months in advance. Naturally, the brochure / website ( describe the available services as of this date as accurately as possible. We reserve the absolute right to alter, amend, change or modify the tour package & itineraries (including but not limited to the cancellation and or substitution of guest speakers & signature departures). This may be necessitated due to factors beyond our control such as 'force majeure' events, strikes, fairs, festivals, sport events, weather conditions,disruptions/diversions of rail services, floods, earthquakes, traffic problems, overbooking of hotels / flights, cancellation / re-routing of flights or railway, closure of / restricted entry at a place of sightseeing and non availability of venues. Where we may know of these sufficiently in advance we will notify you, otherwise our Train Manager or IRCTC representatives would inform you of the changes during the tour. The information of this website is updated on June 2014, for latest information you may kindly visit IRCTC would not be liable for any loss, cost, expenditure, damage or compensation for such changes.

Itinerary Changes

The itineraries on certain departures will run in the reverse direction. There may be a slight amendment in the activities and sequence of destinations visited. The right to vary, amend, alter or withdraw any particular itinerary, departure or excursion rests entirely with IRCTC.


Booking Directly

You have read and understood the Tour Brochure/itinerary and the 'Terms and Conditions' and accordingly signed the Booking Form and the Terms & Conditions which will be binding on the parties and shall constitute a contract between the parties upon your signing the same and making payment towards the prescribed booking amount.

Booking through Travel Agent

In cases where the travel agent through whom the guests have booked the tour, signs the Booking Form for and on behalf of the persons named in the Booking Form, it shall be deemed and construed that all the persons named in the Booking Form have duly authorized the said travel agent to sign on their behalf. The signing of the Booking Form by you or by your travel agent shall mean acceptance in totality of the Terms and Conditions contained herein by all of the clients.


They / You / Client / Them / His / Her means the person/s in whose name and/or whose behalf the booking is made and/or whose name appears on the Booking Form, Invoices and Service Voucher and includes every person availing the services of the company.

We / Us / The Company means IRCTC Ltd.

Infant / Child : An 'Infant' means a person below the age of two years and a 'Child' means a person above the age of two and below the age of twelve years.

Tour Cost : Means the tour cost mentioned in the price grid / brochures / online and other payments such as taxes, surcharges etc payable by the client to the company.

Brochure : Means printed brochure, website, online brochure, leaflet, booklet and price grid. Gender - the male shall include the female.

Number : The singular shall include the plural.

Website : Means

How To Book Online

Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Please go to and choose your journey.

Step 2: Read the itineraries, inclusions, exclusions, terms and conditions and user agreement carefully before accepting them on behalf of your client.

Step 3: Once you have chosen the journey, please print out (or ask IRCTC office to give the booking form) the Booking Form with the terms and conditions. The client and or the IA must duly sign the same and return to IRCTC.

Step 4: On completion of the booking form, you have the option of scanning and e-mailing or faxing it to IRCTC at contact details given in Appendix-7.

Step 5: Make the payment either in part or in full depending on the number of days before departure. If you have made part payment, the balance must be paid in accordance with the payment schedule defined, failing which the booking will be treated as cancelled and the relevant cancellation charges will be applied.


1. Whether the booking IA returns a signed copy of these conditions or not, the conditions will be deemed to have been accepted and will be in force upon confirmation of the booking.
2. You can book the pre-tour night and post-tour accommodation, flights, airport transfers, extension programmes by contacting us at


You can book the pre-tour night and post tour accommodation, flights, extension programmes shortly online at


Please refer to our website or call our call centre + 91 - 9717635915.

You have a choice of making the entire payment in one go or pay a booking amount of 25% of the tour cost at least 90 days or more prior to the departure date and the balance latest by 60 days prior to the departure of the tour. If a booking is made 59 days or less prior to the departure of the tour, then the full 100% payment has to be made.

If this is not done, then the request will not be accepted and the booking will be treated as cancelled and relevant cancellation charges will be applied following deduction for services rendered.

On completion of the booking and payment formalities, a confirmation will be sent to you or your travel agent. It is your/travel agent's responsibility to check the confirmation and advise us immediately in case of any errors. The final documentation containing the itinerary and voucher will be dispatched to you 14 days prior to date of departure.

On payment of the booking amount, you will receive an acknowledgement for the amount paid.

You will have to pay all bank charges.
The prevailing rate of exchange on the date of the transaction would be applicable.
The company reserves the right to decline your bookings for any tour or to cancel your booking without assigning any reason.


If you wish to cancel the booking of your client, you must communicate the cancellation by
1. E-mail to IRCTC at

2. Letter should be faxed to IRCTC's processing office at fax number given in Appendix-7. In case the IA or any other person signs the Booking Form, it shall be conclusively presumed that the tour participants had given the necessary authority to such lead person/tour operator IA to sign the cancellation request on their behalf and send the same to the company. Such notification will only be deemed to have been given on receipt of your email/fax, since only act once we have received the same. The computation of the period of notice of cancellation shall commence only from the time the signed fax copy reaches IRCTC on working days within working hours till further notice. A cancellation charge is applicable to compensate us for making the booking and the possibility that we will be unable to resell your place in the time available.

The following cancellation charges will apply: -

For any cancellation days are counted excluding the date of departure

Changes And Cancellation By IRCTC Prior To Your Departure

The journeys are planned well in advance. We reserve the right to make changes to the programme if necessary at any point of time. Should the minimum number of passengers not be met or due to certain operational reasons and conditions, we reserve the right to cancel the departure or amend the same. Most changes made by us would be minor, but on certain occasions there could be a possibility of making a significant change. A change is defined as significant if it involves a change of destination or date of departure. In such an eventuality, we would inform you as soon as possible and provide you with the following solutions:

1. Accepting the changed arrangements or
2. Purchasing alternative arrangements from us, similar in standard as originally booked if available with the applicable cost adjustment or
3. Cancelling or accepting the cancellation where you will receive a refund of the payment remitted to us. However, there will be no refund for any service such as pre/post accommodation, airline tickets, excursions, extensions etc. that have been booked by you and/or your Travel Agent.

In case of a 'force majeure' (please refer to details mentioned below) situation due to which a departure has to be cancelled, we regret there would be no refund of the amount paid to us or reimbursement of any additional expenses incurred by you as a result of our cancellation/change.


Any amendment to the services would be treated as a cancellation of the original services and any new arrangements will be regarded as an entirely new booking. Cancellation charges will be applied as per the chart above.

If you wish to make any amendments to your booking (for example, change in departure date or the journey chosen by you) you must inform IRCTC by email at or call us at + 91 - 9717635915. The email/booking form has to be sent to us for any amendments must be signed by the person who signed the Booking Form and/or your Travel Agent. It may not always be possible to make these requested changes and confirmation on the revised details will be subject to availability.

In case any amendment is made by the client 90 days prior to the date of departure, there would be a loss of booking amount towards cancellation charges.

In case any amendment is made by the client 90 days or less prior to the date of departure, the same would be treated as cancellation of the original booking and the cancellation charges specified below would apply.

Accepting the changed arrangements or Purchasing alternative arrangements from us, similar in standard as originally booked if available with the applicable cost adjustment or cancelling or accepting the cancellation where you will receive a refund of the payment remitted to us. However, there will be no refund for any service such as pre/post accommodation, airline tickets, excursions, extensions etc. that have been booked by you and/or your Travel Agent.

Force Majeure

Neither party shall be considered in breach of this Agreement or in default of its obligations hereunder if it fails to perform or observe any or all of the terms of this Agreement as a direct or indirect result of causes beyond the reasonable control of such party, such as but not limited to, acts of God, Civil or military authority, acts of the public enemy, threat of war, declared war, undeclared war, war riots, actual or threatened terrorist activity, civil disturbances, insurrections, industrial dispute, strikes, accidents, explosions, fires, earthquakes, floods, transportation embargoes, epidemics, diseases, acts of government, its agencies or officers, non availability of venues or any other legitimate cause beyond the reasonable control of the parties.


IRCTC reserves the right to determine the amount of refund value in case of cancellation and amendments. The decision on the quantum of refund will be final as that made by IRCTC. The refund will be made in the name of the passenger or agent. There will be no refund for unutilized services unless specified. In no circumstances whatever shall the travel agent make or promise any refund on or in respect of the tours, deviations in route/service or vouchers supplied by IRCTC without previous reference to IRCTC and by its written authority. Where the travel agent makes such representations, the travel agent would be solely responsible and incur full liability for such representation including but not limited to damages, compensation and specific performance.

Train Schedules and Flexibility

Please note that our train operates within the constraints of the Indian Railways Network and the timing agreed upon by them. We require you to abide by timings suggested by your guides, escorts, etc. enabling us to adhere to the schedules. Certain departures would be operating in reverse with minor changes in timings and flow of destinations.

Complaint and Problems

Should you have any complaints or face any problem during your journey, please bring it to the attention of the Train Manager immediately, while on board, in order for him or her to provide you with an immediate solution rectifying the problem whilst on tour. It is only if you do this, that IRCTC has the opportunity to put matters right, on the spot. Failing to do this, any right to compensation, which you may have, will be extinguished or reduced. In the unlikely event that the problem persists, please write to the IRCTC Customer Service team either by email to within 3 weeks of your return from the tour, providing us with the details of your booking reference and complaint. Any delay beyond the stipulated time may affect our ability to investigate the complaint and may impact the way that your complaint is dealt with.

Law and Jurisdiction

Your relationship (and any contract you may have) with IRCTC or with any Third Party Supplier or any disputes or other matters arising from it shall be interpreted as per Indian Laws and Courts in New Delhi, India alone would have exclusive jurisdiction.

By signing the Booking Form, by you/your agent on your behalf, agree to accept these Terms and Conditions, including all other information provided in this website.

Indemnification and Exclusion of Liability

The guest availing services or undertaking the tour/trip, having such activities which involve risk of accident or death or personal injury or loss of any kind, shall be deemed to have read, understood and expressly accepted the terms and conditions of this agreement which shall govern the transaction for all purposes and shall be binding on guest/agent.

The guest expressly agreed that the use of services/ undertaking the tour/trip is at their sole risk. In the event of an untoward incidence, causing injury/fatality/loss of any kind to guest, the company and its respective directors, officers, employees, representatives and agents shall not be liable for any loss or damage of whatsoever nature or personal injuries or death, howsoever arising (including, but not limited to the guest's or any other person's property) which the guest or any such other person may incur or suffer as a result of or arising from the guests participation in the tour and any other activities undertaken on or during the tour, and the guest irrevocably and forever releases and discharges the company and its respective directors, officers, employees, representatives and agents from any and all such liability.

Additionally there are terms and guidelines that govern a particular feature, offer or operating rules or policies applicable to each service. The guest shall be responsible for ensuring compliance with the terms and guidelines or operating rules or policies of the respective services.

The guest furthermore indemnifies and holds the company and its respective directors, offices, employees, representatives and agents harmless from and against any and all loss, damage, actions, proceedings, claims, demands and legal and other costs and expenses (including legal costs on an attorney and own guest scale) of whatsoever nature and howsoever arising (including, but not limited to, the guest's or any other person's injury or fatality, or any loss of or damage to the guest's or any other person's injury or fatality, or any loss of or damage to the guest's or any other person's property) asserted against or incurred by the company, its affiliates their respective lawful successors and assign, that arise out of, result form or may be payable by virtue of any breach on non performance of representation, warranty, covenant or agreement, made on obligation to be performed by the guest pursuant to this agreement.

The guest shall be solely responsible for any breach of any specific rules/regulation or ground code of conduct of the area and the company cannot be held responsible for the same.

Obligations of IRCTC

IRCTC shall ensure that all elements of the journey (On board and off board) within its control are provided as narrated in its brochures meeting standard of excellence. However, IRCTC reserves the right to change the venues/destinations/ events due to unavoidable circumstances and in that eventuality, the passengers will be advised suitably. Train timings are given as guidance only and are subject to change. The relationship between IRCTC and the passenger shall be governed by the Terms and Conditions of booking which shall constitute a binding contract between IRCTC and the passenger and shall define the mutual rights, duties, responsibilities and liabilities of the parties. IRCTC shall advise the passengers on board to submit their feedback on the journey undertaken. IRCTC reserves the right to decline booking of any passengers, to cancel any such bookings already made or to refuse boarding any passenger, if it may be necessary to prevent violation of any law. The passenger's reservation may be refused / cancelled or his boarding may be refused / passenger may be offloaded if the passenger or any articles carried by such passenger pose a risk to the IRCTC Super Luxury Train, property or the well being and enjoyment of other passengers.

Our Liability to You

IRCTC assure that all arrangements for the passenger's holiday will be made and provided with utmost skill and care as per itinerary.

IRCTC will not be responsible for any injury, illness, death, loss, damage, expense, cost or other claim of any description whatsoever which results from:

Where any claim or part of a claim (including those involving death or personal injury) concerns or is based on any travel arrangements, the maximum amount of compensation will be limited to the extent provided here under:

Exclusion of Liability or Responsibility:

Privacy of Information

We try to maintain the privacy of the personal information provided by you. However, it would be necessary for us to share this information with Consulates, Embassies, Airlines, Hotels and other service providers who would be providing you service during the tour. We would also be constrained to disclose such information if we receive an order of the court, a requisition from any government or statutory authority, subpoena, or under any law, rules or regulations, such disclosure becomes necessary. The company reserves the right to publish photographs / letters / web pictures / videos / emails taken by you during the tour and also to track usage statistics online. IRCTC prompts all its users to register online so that IRCTC can send you updates and information on travel destinations. You have read the IRCTC Privacy Policy, the terms of which are deemed to be incorporated herein, and agree that the terms of such policy are reasonable. You consent to the use of your personal in formation by IRCTC, its associate and group companies and/or its third party providers and distributors in accordance with the terms of and for the purposes set forth in the IRCTC Privacy Policy.

Conditions of Travel

You will have to strictly follow the tour program. There would be no refund if you fail to join the group at the commencement of the tour, or join the group later or leave the group before culmination of the tour for any reasons whatsoever. You are responsible to register with the representative of the company at the appointed date, place and time and you would be treated as a no-show if you fail to do so. Under no circumstances would any refund be given for any unutilized services. You shall not behave in a manner which may cause distress or annoyance to other co-travellers or which may create the risk of danger or damage to property of the company, co-travellers or others. In this event, you may be asked to leave the tour immediately. The Company shall be under no liability to any such person.


The communication transmitted to your mailing address / email address on record shall be deemed to have been communicated to you. All communication from you to the company has to be in writing, not orally. Where a booking is made directly by you with the company, communications will be sent to you at your mailing address or e-mail address given in the Booking Form. Where a booking is made through a travel agent, communications from the company will be sent to your agent through whom such booking has been received on your behalf and the agent would be responsible for transmitting such communication to you. All amount paid to the travel agent shall not constitute payment to us unless deposited by your agent with the company. In case of publication of any travel scheme offering any discount or benefit by the company, it shall have the sole right to withdraw such a scheme or discount at any time unless a specific assurance to the contrary is published.

Travel Insurance

It is mandatory that you purchase a trip insurance with an insurance company of your choice as cancellation fees as applicable will not be waived off. You must supply IRCTC with the name, address and telephone number of your insurers, your policy number and the 24-hour medical emergency telephone number. Any pre-existing medical conditions must be declared to your insurer and to us; failure to do so may invalidate your Travel Insurance Policy.

Christmas & New Year, Signature Journey Supplement Charges

Child Policy

Maharajas' Express does accommodate children but we ask parents to be mindful of the sophisticated adult atmosphere we endeavour to maintain.

Policy on Guide/Vehicle

I) Policy on Guide (PS & Suite Cabins)

We will provide a Local English/ Language speaking local guide at each destinations on complimentary basis.

II) Policy on Guide with separate vehicle for Group Bookings

In case, a group desires a separate vehicle/guide the policy will be followed as under:


1. In case guests desire for accompanying English/Language speaking accompanying guide throughout the tour, it will be provided on chargeable basis subject to availability.

2. In some of the destinations language speaking local guides are not available. Whereas language speaking local guides at those locations will be tried but not guaranteed, we will provide English speaking local guides.

Policy on De-boarding en-route for shorter itineraries:

Treasures of India and Gems of India are two itineraries for 3N/4D package, the cost for both the itineraries may be reduced by 12% of the published tariff, if guest is availing 2N/3D package and can deboard at Jaipur after availing off board services at Jaipur.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, which you might want to share with us, do email us at .